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Retired Physicist

I’m a UX Designer with a multi-disciplinary background currently working in supply chain innovation.

Former Bike Shop Guy

I live among the pines just outside the Twin Cities and across from a conservancy where the buffalo roam.

Core Services & Experience

Interface Design

Design Leadership

Product Innovation

IA & Systems Design

UX Writing


Personal and Career Tidbits

Degree in physics … preferred pottery

Built physics club website

Physics Ph.D. dropout

Bike shop guy in Rochester, NY

Self-taught designer

Ski life in Vail

First design gig in California – HeartMath

First and last job as a hand model

Wrote device owners manual =  interest in technical writing

Lots of freelance

Led a team within a FMO (Financial Marketing Org)

Agency life

3M in Health Care

Health Care Innovation @ Olive AI